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Contact Lenses FAQs

I had my eyes checked at Upper Grand Eye Care about three years ago and I am not having any visual problems. Can I order my contact lenses without another eye exam?

For your eye health and comfort, you must have had a full eye and contact lens exam within the past 2 years to order contact lenses from our office.

Why should I purchase my contact lenses and solutions from Upper Grand Eye Care?

PRICE: When you order a 1-year supply of contacts, we offer exclusive mail-in rebate coupons and discounts that make our prices as low as any other retailer.

CONVENIENCE: We offer one-stop shopping for all of your contact lens needs that include: contact lens examinations, thousands of in-house lenses for immediate fitting, contact lens solutions and supply of all contact lens styles/brand with many of the most popular single vision lenses in stock.

NO HASSLE SERVICE WITH ALL CONTACT LENS RELATED PROBLEMS: We will provide you with personal service whenever you have a contact lens related problem: from Rx change, contact lens fitting problems or replacement of a defective lens.

Why is a prescription needed for contact lenses?

Improperly fitted contact lenses may cause blurred vision, eyestrain, eye pain, headaches, redness and swelling of the eye that can range from mild to severe. The most serious complications can include infection and corneal ulceration which can sometimes rapidly cause irreversible vision loss if not treated appropriately.

Is the prescription for contact lenses different from that required for eyeglasses?

Yes! A contact lens prescription specifies the brand, material, size and curvature of the contact lenses that are best for your comfort and vision. Often the contact lens power is not the same as the prescription for eyeglasses.

What is a contact lens exam?

A contact lens exam typically takes place after a routine eye examination has determined your eye health and vision corrections needs. There are many different contact lens designs and a contact lens exam determines the best lenses to give you comfortable, clear vision.

This will be my first time wearing contact lenses. What follow-up appointments are necessary?

If you have had a full eye exam within the past year you can book an appointment for contact lens fitting and training. The optometrist will carefully fit you with the best contact lens for your personal needs. You will receive training on how to insert/remove your contact lenses and how to care for your lenses. The optometrist will assess the contact lenses to ensure optimum fit and visual acuity. You will usually have to return for at least one follow-up visit in about one week after you have worn the lenses that day for at least 3 hours. The contact lens fitting fee includes trial contact lenses, fitting, training and all follow-up visits related to the initial fitting.

At what age can contact lens wear begin?

Generally patients have to be mature enough to have good hygiene and carefully manage their wear and care of contact lenses to prevent serious eye infections and complications. The patient must be comfortable with contact lens insertion/removal, follow the daily wearing schedule recommended by the doctor and properly clean/store contact lenses.

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